Your Money at Work

Learn how the Keira Kilbane Foundation utilizes donations.

Funding Childhood Cancer Research

Since our inception, the Keira Kilbane Foundation has provided $20,000 to the Keira Kilbane Cancer Discovery Fund established at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Agne Petrosiute

The Keira Kilbane Cancer Discovery Fund is pleased to announce that in December 2017 we awarded another $10,000 to support Agne Petrosiute, MD, and her effort exploiting key protein Cdk5 in the development of immunotherapeutic approaches to treat childhood cancer. In 2016 we awarded a grant of $10,000.

Dr. Petrosiute completed her fellowship at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's and rose through the ranks of fellow, instructor, and now Assistant Professor since 2009. Dr. Petrosiute and Dr. Alex Huang have obtained several grants together. Most recently, they have co-senior authored a major breakthrough paper published in the journal, Science, in July, detailing a paradigm-shifting discovery of how Cdk5 is involved in tumor cell evasion of the immune system.
On a personal note, Dr. Petrosiute was one of the physicians involved in treating our hero Keira so we know this money will go to good use.

The money would allow Dr. Petrosiute to buy reagents and equipments and utilize University Core facilities.


Dr. Irina Pateva

Dr. Irina Pateva was selected as the first recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Keira Kilbane Cancer Discovery Fund. The grant will allow her to analyze the link between Cdk5 and leukemia using samples not just from UH Rainbow patients, but patient samples obtained from the Children’s Oncology Group (COG).


Providing Financial Assistance To Families Impacted By Childhood Cancer

The Keira Kilbane Foundation has provided $19,000 in financial assistance to support nine families in need.



Paisley was diagnosed with infant ALL in 2014. Her mother was unable to work during Paisley's treatment as she was a single mother and the sole caretaker of Paisley. Unfortunately Paisley passed away in the earlier part of 2015.  We provided her mother financial assistance to assist with the financial burden she experienced while her daughter Paisley was in treatment and the expenses incurred for funeral arrangements.



Quinn was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in the end of 2014. Quinn's dad had to stop working to help take care of Quinn because Quinn's mom was pregnant and unable to be around Quinn due to the chemotherapy he was receiving. We provided them financial assistance to help relieve some of the financial burden they experienced due to his treatment and diagnosis



Kendall was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis when she was only four months old (back in 2011). Kendall found out that she needed to undergo additional treatment in later 2015 (shortly before Christmas). Her mother had to quit her job yet again to be able to take Kendall to her appointments. Therefore we provided them with financial assistance to help relieve some of the financial burden and try to help their family have a good Christmas.  



Vito (also known as Valient Vito) who was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer called Medulloblastoma in August 2014. He battled valiantly, but sadly passed away in December 2015. We provided his parents with financial assistance to help offset funeral and treatment expenses.

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Jack was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in June 2014 at age two. Jack will be completing his 3 years of treatment in September 2017. Jack's treatment has involved frequent outpatient clinic visits and inpatient stays due to side effects. His mother was unable to work during inpatient stays which made it difficult to stay on top of expenses. We provided them financial assistance to help relieve some of the financial burden they experienced due to his treatment and diagnosis.

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Michael was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at 19 years old in January 2017. He is currently in treatment at Akron Children's Hospital for his childhood cancer and is unable to work due to his treatments. He has encountered several complications along they way and the Keira Kilbane Foundation wanted to help by providing financial assistance to help offset medical expenses and the fact that Michael is unable to work.



In November 2016 the Keira Kilbane Foundation provided financial assistance to a Rainbow family that recently lost their 15 year old daughter to brain cancer. The Social Worker at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital reached out to us about this family in need. Funds will help offset some of the funeral expenses and medical expenses incurred during her treatment.



In November 2017, the Keira Kilbane Foundation provided financial assistance to the to the family of a 20 year old male that passed away from a brain/spinal tumor. He was treated at the Cleveland Clinic and we received a referral from the Social Worker at the Hospice of the Western Reserve. He was diagnosed at two year's old with neurofibromatosis. Two years ago he developed a brain tumor with metastases to the spine and eventually passed away on October 23, 2017. The family needed assistance with funeral expenses. 

benjamin kkf


In January 2018, the Keira Kilbane Foundation provided financial assistance to
the family of a 11 year old boy that passed away from a brain tumor. He was
treated at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and we received a referral
from the Social Worker at the Hospice of the Western Reserve. He was
diagnosed at 2 years old and had 9 brain surgeries. His mom was not able to
work due to caring for him. The family needed assistance with funeral expenses.

We have also committed to donate $25,000 over five years to be used towards the creation of the new inpatient pediatric oncology unit at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. That amount has been matched by an anonymous donor to help double the impact of our donation. This will allow patients and families to have upgraded facilities for their treatment and bring the inpatient and outpatient units into the same building.


We donated $1,000 to be used towards parking passes to assist families that are currently in treatment for childhood cancer.

Supporting Patients and Families

Dinner, Toys, and Chemo Pouches Delivery

October 18, 2016

On Tuesday, October 18th the Keira Kilbane Foundation made a special delivery to the Pediatric Cancer Inpatient Unit at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. We were fortunate enough to be able to provide: Dinner from The Winking Lizard along with some Halloween decorations. Arts, crafts, and toys for the childhood cancer patients to use…

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Father’s Day Outing with the Cleveland Indians

June 18, 2016

The Keira Kilbane Foundation partnered with the Cleveland Indians to treat some well deserving dads to a special early Father’s Day present. Four dads from the pediatric oncology unit at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and a guest of their choice attended the Indians vs. White Sox game. The Keira Kilbane Foundation approached the Cleveland…

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Tablet Donation with Camp TLC

March 29, 2016

The Keira Kilbane Foundation partnered with Camp TLC to provide 17 tablets and stuffed animals to childhood cancer patients at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, the Sedation Unit, and a patient that was treated at the Cleveland Clinic. The Keira Kilbane Foundation purchased five tablet covers for the tablets donated to the Sedation Unit since…

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Arts/Crafts Donations

December 15, 2015

The Keira Kilbane Foundation donated $300 worth of toys, arts and crafts supplies to Rainbow 2 patients to use while inpatient for treatment early December 2015.

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Dinner on us

September 26, 2015

Following the Keira Kilbane Foundation Benefit & Silent Auction we provided a meal to the pediatric cancer inpatient unit consisting of chicken, pasta, potatoes, and salad.

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Snacks from us

August 8, 2015

Following the Keira Kilbane Foundation 5K we provided individual pretzel bags, granola bars, and bananas to the inpatient pediatric cancer unit.

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New Year’s Eve Party at Rainbow 2 (Inpatient Unit)

December 31, 2014

The Keira Kilbane Foundation hosted some very special VIP’s to close out 2014.  Evening events included watching LEGO Movie, dinner and sparkling grape juice, playing carnival games, a photo booth, Legos for each patient, and additional arts/crafts. The event concluded with a New Year’s Eve count down, a little before midnight.

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Thanksgiving Dinner at Rainbow 2 (Inpatient Unit)

November 27, 2014

The first formal assistance from the Keira Kilbane Foundation was provided on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. We provided a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to the patients, families, and staff at Rainbow 2 to help brighten their holiday.

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